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Pasricha and Patel, LLC, is a full service law firm representing individuals and businesses in a wide range of legal matters.   We pride ourselves in providing prompt, courteous, and professional services to our clients.

Our firm has provided dedicated and superior legal representation to our clients since its establishment in 1995, by Gary Singh Pasricha.  Our diverse practice areas include residential and commercial real estate, matrimonial law, personal injury, commercial litigation, collection, immigration law, landlord/tenant, and traffic violations.

As our practice has rapidly grown, so also has the reputation of our firm and our attorneys.  Today, Pasricha and Patel's experienced team of lawyers provide zealous representation to our clients in a vast array of fields.  Our commitment to providing the highest quality of legal representation is the foundation of our long-standing relationship with our clients and the community.

We are committed to creating the best legal strategy to achieve optimal results for you.  Pasricha & Patel is experienced in negotiation, mediation, litigation and arbitration proceedings.  We provide you with advice and information that you need to make important decisions concerning your case.

Our firm is committed to maintaining a communication link with our clients.  Our use of progressive computer technology and resources including legal software, online research services, and electronic mail ensures open and timely communication with our clients.

Pasricha & Patel invites you to contact us to arrange for a personal consultation regarding your case.  We will answer your inquiries promptly and confidentially.  Thank you for your interest in Pasricha & Patel, LLC.