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White House Announces Proclamation to Revoke Immigrant Visa Bans

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President Biden has issued the latest proclamation revoking the previous administration’s ban on immigrant visa issuances pursuant to Proclamation 10014 that was initially issued on April 22, 2020 by then-president Trump.

In addition, President Biden also revoked section 1 of Proclamation 10052, and section 1 of Proclamation 10131, both of which had extended the immigrant visa issuance ban covered in Proclamation 10014, first through December 31, 2020, and then through March 31, 2021, respectively.

Former President Trump had signed the initial Proclamation 10014 banning immigrant visa issuances to certain immigrants who ‘present risk to the U.S. labor market during the economic recovery following the COVID-19 outbreak”. However, President Biden disputed this reasoning, and reasoned that this visa ban policy did not advance U.S. national interest at all. Instead, President Biden says this policy harmed family unity and hurt industries in the United States that are in need of the talents of these foreign nationals. This policy also hurt the diversity visa lottery applicants’ chances of coming to the U.S. to pursue their American dream.

As a point of clarification, while President Biden’s latest proclamation does revoke the immigrant visa ban for various foreign nationals to come to the United States, he let stand the temporary visa ban on nonimmigrant visas at least through March 31, 2021.

This may be the result of practicality approach because most U.S. consulates and embassies around the world are still in the process of slowly re-opening their visa units and starting to accept visa appointment scheduling and a lot depends on local conditions as it relates to COVID-19 outbreak scenarios on the ground in different countries around the world.

Whether President Biden will lift the nonimmigrant visa ban early, or let it expire on its own, or extend it beyond March 31, 2021, we will have to wait and see.

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