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USCIS Sets the July 2020 Adjustment of Status Filing Charts from the Visa Bulletin

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For the July 2020 Visa Bulletin just published by the U.S. Department of State, the USCIS has decided to continue to follow the previous months’ filing procedure and set that for family-sponsored filings, filers should once again follow the Dates for Filing Chart for the July 2020 Visa Bulletin.

And just like in previous months, because the F2A category remains ‘Current’ on the Final Action Dates Chart for Family-sponsored preference cases, this means that applicants in the F2A category (spouses and children of permanent residents) may continue to use the Final Action Dates chart for July 2020, and this applies to all nationalities.

Furthermore, just like in June 2020, and for the fourth month in a row, the USCIS continues to permit all filers in the employment-based preference filings should follow the Final Action Dates for employment-based preference cases for the July 2020 visa bulletin. By continuing this trend, the assumption is that the visa number usage in the employment-based preference filings continue to be strong, and the USCIS wants to hold the line on the EB-preference case numbers for a while more.

In fact, there is some rather dramatic and notable movements in the employment-based visa categories, particularly in the EB-1 India visa category.

For example, in the EB-1 visa category, India will advance by 11 months – from June 8, 2016 all the way to May 8, 2017. Meanwhile, China will advance by one week – from August 15, 2017, to August 22, 2017.

And somewhat encouragingly, in the EB-2 visa category, EB-2 India will move by almost one (1) month – from June 12, 2009 to July 8, 2009. Meanwhile, EB-2 China will move ahead by one (1) week to November 8, 2015 from November 1, 2015.

Due to the fluid nature of the visa number movement in these months, and coupled by the uncertainties posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we do advise readers to refer back to our site regularly for any updates and new developments about the monthly visa bulletin.

Should you have any further questions about the different visa preference categories and filing procedures, please do not hesitate to contact our office to schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns further.