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USCIS Moves Ahead with Digital Transformation to eventual full eFiling

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Pasricha & Patel Takeaways: 
USCIS has announced its new digital transformation initiative called eProcessing in its efforts to speed up and transition into eventual full-fledged digital business model, which would cover all the steps of applying for an immigration benefit, and communicating with the USCIS via digital means, to finally receiving the decision on a case matter.

The first step of this eProcessing initiative is that certain visitors for business, visitors for pleasure, and vocational students can now apply directly online to extend their stay in the U.S.  USCIS will also add more visa classifications to this eProcessing initiative soon. Right now, qualified applicants may confirm their online filing eligibility at, and then file the form I-539 online by using their self-created USCIS account.

The benefit of eProcessing is that it will connect previously separate technology systems within the USCIS to ultimately improve decision timelines, increase transparency during the application process, and to speed up the availability of online filing for all immigration benefits.

USCIS’s aim is to create official digital immigration records through this fully modernized process of applying for immigration benefits. eProcessing will allow the USCIS officers to quickly access applicant data, and the applicants will face a more responsive and effective USCIS.

As the USCIS bring more forms into the online filing digital realm, we will be sure to update our readers along the way. And should you have any questions about the general petition preparation and application process when dealing with the USCIS, please do not hesitate to contact our office and schedule legal consultation with us and we would be happy to address your concerns.