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CBP Introduces New I-94 Numbering System starting in May 2019

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Pasricha & Patel Takeaways:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has announced that starting in May 2019, the I-94 arrival numbers that are assigned to each international traveler arriving in the U.S. will be alphanumeric. That means, instead of just 11-digit long numbers, international travelers will be issued I-94 numbers with combination of digits and letter in their arrival records to the U.S. More specifically, the new I-94s will have 9 digits, followed by a letter in the 10th position, and then a digit in the 11th position. Those international travelers who have unexpired I-94s issued in the present numeric format will continue to remain valid for the duration of their admit until date printed on the paper I-94 and/or the date shown on the public I-94 website.

This update in the I-94 program reflects the fact that the CBP is running out of numeric-only I-94 numbers, and in order to avoid changing the I-94 system altogether, this represents a long-term solution for the CBP that will extend the I-94 program in its current function and status for years to come.

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